[ANN] rails_best_practices 1.11.0 released

flyerhzm Posted by flyerhzm on September 22, 2012

I just released rails_best_practices 1.11.0, it's a big improvement, changes are as follows:

  1. Thank @mschuerig for adding better html template.
  2. HashSyntaxReview only detects symbol hashes.
  3. Thank @compactcode for checking ActionController.layout method.
  4. Skip auto-generating files by default, like db/schema.rb.
  5. Add rabl support.
  6. Extract code analyzer module to code_analyzer gem, it's more DSL now.
  7. Disable UseBeforeFilterCheck by default since people don't like this idea on rails-bestpractices.com.
  8. Disable HashSyntaxCheck, LongLineCheck, RemoveTabCheck and UseParenthesesInMethodDefCheck by default since they are not mentioned on rails-bestpractices.com.

Check it here https://github.com/railsbp/rails_best_practices.

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