[ANN] rails_best_practices 1.12.0 released

flyerhzm Posted by flyerhzm on November 02, 2012

I just released rails_best_practices 1.12.0, changes are as follows:

  1. ProtectMassAssignmentChecker supports strong_parameters gem now.
  2. Do not say "remove empty application_helper.rb".
  3. Add yaml output format.
  4. AlwaysAddDbIndexChecker support "t.index" syntax.
  5. Add NotRescueExceptionChecker for this.

Check out here https://github.com/railsbp/rails_best_practices/compare/1.11.1...1.12.0.

btw, I also released code_analyzer 0.3.0, it added exception_classes and exception_variable helper methods for rescue sexp node, check out the changelog https://github.com/flyerhzm/code_analyzer/compare/v0.2.0...v0.3.0


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