[ANN] rails_best_practices 1.9.0 released

flyerhzm Posted by flyerhzm on March 07, 2012


I just released rails_best_practices 1.9.0, this is a quick build version to help you avoid being hacked by mass assignment like github, changes are as follows

1. add protect mass assignment check, http://rails-bestpractices.com/posts/148-protect-mass-assignment

2. print debug info (file name and line number) when failed to parse source code.

Check it here https://github.com/railsbp/rails_best_practices

[ANN] rails_best_practices 1.8.0 released

flyerhzm Posted by flyerhzm on February 24, 2012


I just released rails_best_practices 1.8.0, changes are as follows

1. analyze foreign key smarter, now it checks the foreign key only when the associated table exists.

2. ignore some rails built-in methods in unused methods checkes

3. add not use time_ago_in_words check, http://rails-bestpractices.com/posts/105-not-use-time_ago_in_words

4. add --only option in comand line to only parse specified files

5. better routes parser for nested resources/resource

Check it here https://github.com/railsbp/rails_best_practices

railsbp.com - online rails projects code quality check service

flyerhzm Posted by flyerhzm on February 11, 2012


I have created rails_best_practices gem for more than 2 years, based on ruby_parser. But after ruby 1.9.2 released, more and more developers complained ruby_parser can't work well with hew hash syntax {key: "value"}, then I did a lot refactors to use ripper instead of ruby_parser. It works really well in ruby 1.9.2, but not compatible with 1.8.7 and 1.9.3. JRuby isn't working as well as there is no ripper in JRuby.

It's also difficult to share the analyze report with other collaborators, every time I have to send emails with analyze report attached to collaborators.  I also think it would be better to track each analyze report to see if code quality is improved or not.

So I released a new service, railsbp.com, it provides online rails project code quality check service. It is integrated with github so far, every time a developer pushes codes to github, railsbp.com will be triggered to analyze the source codes and generate report, railsbp.com saves all reports, so you can easily track the status of your code quality. And you can easily share the analyze report to your collaborators.

The most important thing is that you don't need to worry about ruby platform/version any more, railsbp.com runs on ruby 1.9.2 now, it just analyzes your source codes statically.

Before you start using the service, please read it first, https://railsbp.com/page/how-it-works. If you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, please feel free to ping me flyerhzm@railsbp.com.

[ANN] move to railsbp organization

flyerhzm Posted by flyerhzm on December 28, 2011


Today I created a organization railsbp on githubhttps://github.com/railsbp

Then I moved two repositories rails_best_practices and rails-bestpractices.com from my personal account to railsbp organization, https://github.com/railsbp/rails_best_practices and https://github.com/railsbp/rails-bestpractices.com

I'm glad to create more and more useful gems and websites in railsbp organization in the future.

[ANN] rails_best_practices 1.7.0 released

flyerhzm Posted by flyerhzm on December 14, 2011



I just released rails_best_practices 1.7.0, the changes are as follows:

1. add slim template support

2. add rxml support

3. add mongomapper support

Check it here https://github.com/flyerhzm/rails_best_practices