Basic Web App

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Posted: 2012-06-27
Type: Fulltime

This is a discovery and management service for charity and not-for-profit organizations to advertise their services and find customers who meet their often very specific eligibility criteria. 

Service providers will register on the site and create a profile with basic contact information. 

Service providers will have the ability to post multiple services with different eligibility criteria for each service and to modify those services and their availability continuously. 

Users will be able to register for themselves or on behalf of someone else and create a profile. Users will be able to upload documentation demonstrating their eligibility for specific services. Users will be able to search for specific services and those services will be filtered based on the eligibility requirements of the service provider. 

Once users select a service, service providers will be alerted by email and they will be provided with the contact information for the user from the website. Referral status will be managed online. 

Both users and service providers will have a dashboard where they can manage current services and their service history.

Preferred Languages:



JavaScript (jQuery, Node.js, Backbone.js)


Preferred Programming Framework: Rails

Ability to use GitHub for project collaboration/versioning required.

Applicants should have experience with creating/integrating an API for:

  • file storage/sharing
  • user rating systems
  • synchronized scheduling
  • user-to-user messaging

Expected Turn-around: 3-5 days

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