PT Ruby on Rails developer needed to implement redesign

Posted: 2012-09-04
Type: Fulltime
We're seeking a part-time Ruby on Rails developer with some Web graphic design skills for 45-50 hours to implement a redesign of our site as soon as possible. Ideally this project is completed within 10 days of us hiring an applicant, and definitely within 2 weeks.

The design is 98% finished. We're changing DailySource ( to focus on daily news and ideas about helping the poorest people in the world, and the economic development, human rights, charitable aid, healthy environment, fair trade, good governance and democracy they need to live. The main things the developer will do are make some changes to the workflow/UI and implement our new design, which will be similar to this mockup — — except the content will be different than in the mockup.

Our volunteers update our content using our custom-made CMS so you would not have to handle the content at all. You only need enough design ability to be able to change the original site into the new one. The page will still be 2 news columns, 1 side column and the same photo sections as our current page — — so we're not rebuilding the core functionality, which makes it more doable. The functionality would be changed in some small ways, but nothing major. 

About 99% of the backend will stay the same. We need some changes to parts of the backend, but probably 2/3rds of the work is on the front page. Mostly what you see in the mockup is what we are going with. There might be a couple things related to outside services, like updating our RSS feeds to the new topics. 
If you do well, we will assign you more ongoing projects, if you're available for more. In the near future, we will need more PT and FT developer team members.

If you're out of our range of pay for this project, we're also looking for advisors for about 1-2 hours a week to help us evaluate tools, third-party services, developers, system administration, architecture and similar. If you're interested, please contact us with "advisor" anywhere in the subject line and include the items listed in the "Information We Need" section.

The new design above relates to this project in pre-beta mode that we're doing to help the poorest —

We are forward thinking and passionate about making the world a better place — particularly for those most in need.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Rachel Wright
Tech Manager


If you think you might be interested in these, please email the following to: developer (at) dailysource (dot) org:

* Your resume (or the equivalent information such as work experience and skills, or LinkedIn profile).
* The number of hours per week you are available. We prefer 30 to 45, and will consider as low as 15 a week.
* How much you would charge per hour to work on this. Again, we are a nonprofit and do not have a large budget. In the past we’ve paid $10-$20, but we can possibly do somewhat higher depending on the experience and skills of the candidate.

* If English is not your native tongue, please let us know the levels of your written and verbal English.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until we’ve found the right new team members to join us.


The basic skills requirements besides Rails and Ruby and MySQL are:

* XHTML/CSS (not necessarily design).
* Comfortable with Linux, Apache.
* Javascript and Javascript common libraries/toolkits.
* Ability to deploy changes to your code on AWS/EC2.
* Ability to be highly organized, and keep lists of things you’re working on.
* Paying attention to details. 
* Understanding how different parts of a system affect each other.
* Ability to be productive.
* Ability to communicate on a regular basis.

Familiarity with tools such as Git and Redmine is helpful, though these are pretty easy to figure out.
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