Sr. RoR Dev

Posted: 2011-08-25
XYDO is a social news platform focused on collecting, organizing, and prioritizing news on the web.  On top of the XYDO platform we build products (like and to deliver the best news to users based on their social graphs and interactions.

XYDO was founded by entrepreneurs who have built/run/sold numerous web/software companies in the past and are we are fully funded.  Our team is small, experienced, and highly driven, and we intend to keep it that way even as we grow.

We are looking for an experienced software developer with a strong background in Ruby on Rails to assist with the design and development of web applications that supports heavy traffic.  Like everyone else on our team you should be a veritable expert in your domain, but also eager to learn and contribute towards the team as a whole.  You’ll be working on a large-scale application used by millions of people, so an aptitude for developing elegant, scalable, robust, and maintainable code is a must.

We are an agile/scrum organization.  We operate in 1-2wk sprints, and hold regular retrospectives to improve our development process.  A number of our team members have been engaged in these practices for years, helping to implement/maintain them in numerous companies.  We’re looking for developers who are excited to engage in this style of work.

  • Shipped multiple high-traffic Rails sites
  • Published/maintained a Ruby Gem or Rails Plugin
  • Huge plus if you’re a member of the Rails core team or a contributor

  • Assist with the design, development, and refinement of our Rails app
  • Develop in a test-driven manner using Cucumber and Rspec

  • Deep experience programming in Ruby on Rails
  • Ability to produce highly polished web pages in semantic HTML/CSS and modern JS
  • Strong general software development abilities
  • Knowledge of application server and database clustering
  • Proven experience working with SQL databases (i.e., MySQL, PostGres)

We’re here to win.  Period.  We’ve done it before, and we wouldn’t be spending our days and nights building XYDO if we didn’t think it has the potential to become something very, very big.  If you want to work side-by-side with a team of A-players towards achieving big, ambitious goals, XYDO is the place for you.

Besides building something meaningful, here’s why you’ll love working with us:
  • We are rapidly growing startup; it’s fun, dynamic, and you will make a difference
  • We are committed to agile best practices, and cultivating cross-functional development
  • The team consists of extremely experienced/capable people, with no bureaucracy whatsoever
  • We’re fully funded by a group of successful tech angel and venture investors
  • We offer competitive compensation and benefits, including stock options

XYDO is headquartered in beautiful Park City, UT, but operates in a largely distributed manner, with members currently residing in CA, OR, NY, as well as UT.  Our preference would be for you to be in the PC/SLC area and able to work from our office, however if you’re good, and I mean really good, we don’t care where you’re located.

Please direct all inquires to jobs (at) xydo (dot) com.  Please don’t delay; we are  looking to bring on one to two additional developers within the next 14 days.  IF YOU ARE AN AGENCY, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS POSTING.
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