Senior Developer Tech Lead

Insight Integrated (California, Pacific Palisades, United States)
Posted: 2011-09-28
Type: Fulltime, Permanent

...walk the dog (4 legged or yo-yo), get massages and have an incredible view of the ocean all day long! The company is a B2B SaaS with revenues and clients include 45 Physical Therapy Clinics requiring EMR functionality.

Below is the job description for a senior or lead developer.  The company is also looking for a Software Development Manager and Project Manager.

This is a hands on development role using Ruby on Rails Open Source Web Framework in the Product Development team of an online/web development organization. You will be responsible for driving the technical architecture, design and development.  You should be interested in taking over technical responsibility, delivering key functionality and stability in an entrepreneurial environment. Mentoring/coaching the cross functional development and QA team located locally (Pacific Palisades, CA) and in Taiwan will be a very critical aspect of your job.  This is an extremely high visibility position and involves both internal and external customer facing.


We run an agile, open, and transparent company that strives to become the best in its category. You are passionate about Ruby on Rails, [iOS, and B2B SaaS].  You are familiar with Rails [3, and Git. Knowledge of MongoMapper/MongoDB, ActiveRecord/MySQL, NewRelic, Hoptoad, Jenkins, and a number of standard Gems] is beneficial. You will be fully responsible for all software development and will work in conjunction with the CEO to decide functionality development and UI/UX.

**We are looking for a developer who can prioritize development, work independently, manage a team and understands the constraints of growing a small startup into a medium and eventually large business.


**YOU (our new employee) have: 

·        5 years’ experience developing Ruby on Rails applications.

·        Ability to code

·        Strong work ethic

·        Lead cross-functional teams

·        Drive cultural changes

Desired skills: 

·        Rails 3

·        Git

·        MongoMapper/MongoDB

·        Java

·        JavaScript

·        ActiveRecord/MySQL

·        NewRelic

·        Hoptoad

·        Jenkins

·        Various standard Gems

·        Ability to communicate in Mandarin is helpful, but not required

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