CTO/tech co-founder with sizable equity partnership for an early stage funded startup

Kalyan Jonnalagadda (USA, USA)
Posted: 2011-10-02
GoodInKind is a New York based web startup founded by Bain and McKinsey employees. It is a peer-to-peer marketplace for good, where individuals can buy and sell services from each other and portion of the proceeds go to a non-profit. We believe this will significantly expand the pie of charitable donations in the US.

We are in semi-stealth mode. We've just launched a prototype that is being piloted in Ithaca, NY (check us out at goodinkind.com), and are seeing great traction. We have already secured angel funding and have strong VC ties to enable subsequent funding. We are strong believers in the customer development process and are learning everyday from users. While we got away with limited tech talent in the team so far, we need a solid CTO/tech co-founder to take this to the next level.

Our team today has 3 co-founders. We are looking for a Ruby on Rails expert who is a true technical visionary and looks forward to shaping this startup through the latest and greatest trends. Needless to say, we love people with an entrepreneurial streak in them and a passion to make a dent in the universe through their skill-sets. Being a team player, good communication skills and a sense of humor are essential qualities.

As a CTO, your responsibilities would be to:
1. Own the product design and development - manage the tech team (in-house or occasionally contracted as necessary)
2. Hire awesome tech talent to join the team
3. Really understand and be part of the business value proposition of GoodInKind - be involved in decision making beyond the tech aspects

The following skills are important:
- Expertise in programming with Ruby, particularly on the Rails framework
- Experience building complete apps independently
- Experience with MySQL and relational databases
- Experience with cloud-based infrastructures strongly preferred
- Experience with e-commerce and payment gateways
- Knowledge of front-end technologies, so that you have capacity to manage and direct them


To apply, simply email me (Kalyan Jonnalagadda) at jobs@goodinkind.com

A brief resume and more importantly, examples of your previous work and/or code (anything on github for example) would be super helpful.

We believe in hiring really smart individuals with the right potential who are always thirsty to learn, rather than someone that believes they know it all. Your credentials on paper only mean so much to us - lets get on the phone quickly and this will help both of us understand if its worth pursuing more.
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