Ruby on Rails Developer - Gamification

Crowdcast (US, US)
Posted: 2011-10-25
Type: Fulltime
Meet Crowdcast:
We're a small (we fit in one room!) close knit team working and having fun in downtown San Francisco. We are VC backed, and we have paying customers (some big ones too!) who are already using and getting value out of our product. We have revenue coming in, expanding interest, and we'd love you to join our team to help us take our product to the next level!

Check out this article in The MIT Technology Review, naming Crowdcast one of the 50 most innovative companies of 2011:

Our product:
We fight corporate cholesterol, the stuff that slows down business in a big company. Let's say you're the one person in a large company that knows why your flagship product is always delivered late. Crowdcast builds a platform that allows the company to ask its employees "Will our product ship on time?" Now you've got a way to let the company know what you know. Not only are you able to voice your opinion, but you get paid if you're right! Everyone wins! We already have Fortune 500 customers using and benefiting from our product. This is your chance to join our team and make your mark on the burgeoning market of gamified enterprise forecasting.

The role:
* Full stack Ruby on Rails developer - coding it all from front to back
* Extreme Programming - pair programming, test driven development, code reviews, etc.
* The chance to work on interesting economics problems, applying gamification to enterprise forecasting
* Technologies you'll use: Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Haml Sass, jQuery, Chef
* If you dig hacking chef scripts and integrating Rails apps into the enterprise, that's a plus

What's in it for you:
* You'll be making a difference in the way information flows in large corporations, giving the little guys a bigger voice
* You'll be joining a very small team where you can make a big impact--on the product, on the technology, and on the process (we are adopting XP, help us make it even better).
* You'll get the chance to work on anything and everything that is relevant to our product: make design decisions, technology decisions, etc.

The perks:
* Want a hammock? We have hammocks. :)
* Friday pub meetings - we have group meetings at the local pub every Friday
* Quarterly sales bonus - yes developers get a piece of it, and we're closing some pretty big deals
* Also included: your standard benefits including health and dental insurance, plus a generous HSA contribution, 401k, and flex vacation. How cool is that?
* Work in downtown San Francisco surrounded by restaurants, cafes, pubs, and close to BART.

How To Apply:
* Captain Recruiter will be the first point of contact.
* All applications receive a response.
* All applications are kept strictly confidential.
* To apply, go to:
Apply by Email