Ruby on Rails Hacker @ Handl

Handl (US, US)
Posted: 2011-12-05
Type: Fulltime
The Company:
Handl was founded by Shawn Carolan, Managing Director at Menlo Ventures and on the board of TeleNav, Siri, PlaySpan, IMVU, Roku & more. Conceptualized after looking for years for an investment to address an everyday problem plaguing the world's knowledge workers. We are building a small but senior team of exceptional talents that enjoy working collaboratively with others of their caliber. We are focused on getting the pillars right from the beginning: culture, agile process, tech choices, architecture, scalability, security, modalities We value stunning design, elegant solutions, time efficiency, quality relationships, constructive candor, mutual accountability, sense of humor.

The Role:
We're looking for a Rails developer/evangelist, someone who loves pushing the limits of what Rails can do and actively promoting Rails in the open source community. This position exists because Rails is a big part of what we do and we'd like to be an active part of the Ruby community. Our current prototype is in Rails 3.1, Redis, Resque, jQuery, CoffeeScript, HAML, and Sass. Our entire team is going all out to prove that our prototype solves a big, big problem. Consider applying if you love the energy that comes with shooting for the impossible and want to build relationships with people that you'll enjoy working with for years to come.

The Right Person Will:
* Be a Ruby on Rails Expert.
* Have previous experience working on small teams, with startups, and/or on personal projects.
* Contribute to open source software projects.

What’s In It For You:
* The chance to be part of an exciting product that’s just finished its first alpha test.
* Talented co-workers. We’ve worked hard to build a team of exceptional, well-connected, local experts.
* The chance to work directly with senior management.
* Competitive salary and benefits package including:
- Health benefits
- Stock options
- Conference allowance
- Free lunches

Bits O' Information:
* This is a new full-time, on-site, regular position w/ market rate salary, benefits, and stock options.
* Visa sponsorship available for the right candidate.

How To Apply:
* Captain Recruiter will be the first point of contact.
* All applications receive a response.
* All applications are kept strictly confidential.
* To apply, go to:
Apply by Email