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Use pickle & ur choice factory for data setup in ur cucumber features (revised)

28 Jul 2010

Ng Tze Yang (

Pickle is indeed a GEM, use it to make data setup less painful, here are some quick examples:

# this step creates a post (using factory :post) with title "first best practice"
Given a post exists with title: "first best practice"

# this step creates user superman (using factory :superman)
Given superman exists

# this step creates a user "superman" (using factory :user) that can be referenced in subsequent steps
Given a user "superman" exists
# note the referencing to user "superman" here
And a post exists with user: user "superman", title: "first best practice"

Using factory for data setup is an elegant solution, & with pickle's nice integration with factory_girl (& machinist, there is really no reason not to use it.