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    Use css sprite automatically

    15 Aug 2010

    Richard Huang

    Using css sprite can reduce a large number of http requests, so it makes the web page loaded much faster. It it painful to composite a lot of images manually, do it automatically. Read More


    Fix N+1 Queries

    25 Jul 2010

    Wen-Tien Chang

    N+1 Queries is a serious database performance problem. Be careful of that situation! If you're not sure, I recommend you install plugin, which helps you reduce the number of queries with alerts (and growl). Read More


    DRY Controller (debate)

    24 Jul 2010

    Wen-Tien Chang

    For CRUD resources, we always write the same 7 actions with duplicated codes. To avoid this, you can use inherited_resources plugin. But be careful, there is DRY controller debate!! ( 1. You lose intent and readability 2. Deviating from standards makes it harder to work with other programmers 3. Upgrading rails trouble Read More